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Course Overview

HSE is an acronym for Health, Safety and Environment. It entails managing all aspects of health, safety and the environment in an industry with major focus accident risk prevention.

This course provides you with the prerequisite knowledge and skills in the theories and practices of occupational health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management.

In today’s world, HSE is recognized as the most significant certification training in the field of engineering, science and technology, oil and gas, art and medicine, administration and management, banking and finance. Also, HSE certified individuals often stand a higher chance of being selected for employment or promotion.

Crescendo Gateway offers the three levels of HSE training as certified by the World Safety Organization (WSO).

HSE LEVEL 1 (World Safety Organization)

This is designed to create the awareness of key health and safety issues found in the workplace as well as the role you will play in ensuring yours as well as other’s safety. It is the introductory and foundation level for other advanced modules of safety.

HSE LEVEL 2 (World Safety Organization)

This covers the entire framework for health and safety, looking at environmental, occupational and human factors that affect health and safety of people in the workplace, hence ensuring people do not constitute themselves into potential hazards released.

HSE LEVEL 3 (World Safety Organization)

This course emphasizes on the importance of monitoring staff and controls. This is achieved by creating safety policies as well as procedures required to fellow these policies. The program offers the skills and knowledge required to start a career in the field of health and safety.

At the end of the course is an assessment which on completion a certificate is awarded by the WSO.

What will I gain from this certification?

Recognition: Candidates who successfully complete the programme will receive internationally recognized HSE 1, 2 and 3 certificates, directly from the World Safety Organization. This course comes with a global seal of recognition.

Career development: HSE Certificate holders can start a new career in safety irrespective of your background. There are no prerequisites to obtaining the certification.

Advanced Knowledge: Whether health and safety is your main responsibility, or just a part of what you do, the HSE Level 1, 2& 3 (WSO) certificates will give you vital knowledge to help you perform better in your role at work. It does not matter your area of specialization or discipline, taking a WSO HSE training and certification will ensure you stay safe both on and off the job.

Greater Employment opportunities: Not only will you learn interesting skills and techniques that are useful for workplace safety, a HSE training and certification will boost your employment and promotion chances

What will companies gain from this certification?

Enhanced Productivity: HSE training and certification will enhance your company’s performance and productivity.

Promote company image and goodwill: Companies will not only prevent or mitigate against work-related injuries, this certification will also promote company’s reputation and goodwill.

Increased Return on investment: An employee with a practical set of skills that brings real value to the modern global workplace. It is also helps in mitigating risks

Build a secure work environment: Health and safety is important. It protects people from injury and loss of life. People with WSO HSE Level 1, 2 & 3 know how to help their employer avoid prosecution, litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation, wherever they operate.

Who can register for this course?

Everyone is eligible to take this course. This program will benefit individuals who are already working in safety-related positions and who require broader legal and technical knowledge to function effectively in their professions, or who would like to enhance their career in safety, or those planning to move into safety-related positions.

Also under graduates and fresh graduates seeking to upgrade profile safety officers who need professional qualification to back up their experience are advised to take this course

Business owners/CEOs interested in offering HSE services and products

Organization who want to meet regulatory or procurement requirements

What does the course cover?

This course covers wide range of workplace hazards and methods of control it includes practical workplace assessment to help you apply your learning at work and add value to your employers.

How is the course assessed?

Candidates are assessed with online examination which is done on the last day of the training. Upon successful completion and passing the exam you get awarded the certificate from world safety organization.

Mode of Study

  • Study manuals and materials are delivered via online downloadable content with free tutor support
  • Once a person is confirmed registered for the course, a personal identity number (PIN) is sent to the student via SMS or email to download study manuals online.
  • It’s flexible
  • It’s convenient
  • The same accreditation and certification

End of Course Assessment/ Examination

An online assessment is taken on completion of the training materials. You will be asked multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 50%. The answers are marked automatically so you instantly know whether you have passed. If you don’t pass, do not worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.


On successful completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Certificate in Food Handling, and delivered by post (DHL delivery service) the next working day.

Delivery charges may apply

Course Fee:

The total course fee per participant is N26,000. Fee covers training; examination and course manual

Certification Process: